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Turks & Caicos Islands


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The Adventures of Captain Mike
In the year 2001, Captain Mike and crew sail the Beachcomber back to Salt Cay... this is a salty tale you're sure to enjoy!

Salt Cay Island January-May 2001
This year I took more photos of our place, friends who came to visit and some more great photos of the island and its people. for really cool pictures of the inside of our house click on January...

Resurrection of a Boat  
In the year 2000, this is the story of the M/V Beachcomber... Mike's hole in the water in Salt Cay.  The progress of hauling it out, fixing it so it will float, etc...  

Salt Cay Island January-May 2000
This link doesn't work... apparently it was deleted without telling me so that I could save all the photos and stuff.  I am now putting everything else on my own server and saving it all to disk so this will never happen again!


Family Reunion
July 4, 2000 reunion in California

from July 4, 2000 reunion

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