Mike Spears (smiling) presents Captain Mike with the final bill. 
January 2001 - The M/V Beachcomber has been at the Caicos Marina in Providenciales (Provo) for repairs since May 2000.  Armed with frustration and tenacity, Captain Mike spent two weeks in a hotel in Provo... waking at 6:00am, working on the boat by 7:00am, sometimes stopping for lunch, and finishing each day at about 5:00pm.  Hmmmm, didn't think retirement was such hard work!? The boat was finally lowered into the water on Thursday, February 8th at about 4:00pm. These pictures were taken at the shipyard in Provo.

To date, a keel was made by Flounder Bay Boat Works in Anacortes, Washington and shipped down for installation in Provo - the chine was re-fiber glassed, the hull was painted, the transmission was rebuilt, the seal around the bow door was replaced, and the list continues.

Captain Mike and Coral watching China Mike at work on the seal
The seal around the bow door cracked and Captain Mike, China Mike (Peterson) and Coral Jennings spent part of the day gluing pieces of tubing and cutting up and using Mike's rubber knees pads to try to make a better seal.  Captain Mike bought a really great seal - the best money could buy - and it cracked and split.  Now there is some concern about water flowing in through the door (if it doesn't fall off.)  The hinges are rusting out pretty well and need to be replaced, but that will have to wait for another time.

China Mike (our friend from Anacortes, Washington) has been at Sea since he was 15 years old and currently works as an Engineer for a large seafood company based in Seattle, Washington.

China Mike using a piece of Captain Mike's knee pads to seal the bow door.
Coral Jennings (our friend from Salt Cay) has lived on the island all his life, fishing and around the water.  He currently works for the Public Works Department on Salt Cay.

Oliver "Ollie" Been (our friend from Salt Cay) has lived on Salt Cay for much of his life and is co-owner of Salt Cay Divers and a dive master.

Captain Mike has been working on vessels for over thirty years and this is the first one he actually owns.